The Data Science Initative workshops and Community Coding sessions are in full swing for Fall! We secured the same time and place as last semester.

Tuesday & Thursday 2-3:50 Meriam Library (MLIB) 442 (4th floor, directly left out of elevators).

Workshops & Seminars

  • We will be reviewing suggestions from Spring and planning talks and workshops at all levels.
  • Do you have a request for a specialized workshop topic, or want to share your research or project? Contact us to start the discussion.

Community Coding Sessions

  • On days when no talks or workshops are scheduled the room will be open for Community Coding.
  • This open work session provides a helpful and friendly working environment where you can code, ask questions or discuss ideas related to R, Python, Data Science, or more generally data visualization and analysis.
  • We invite you to bring your Data Science and coding questions, data, and projects. Just need a place to work on stats/CS homework? You’re invited too!
  • On most days Edward Roualdes (STAT) or Robin Donatello (STAT) will be present. Other members of the DSI may drop in on occasion.